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Hi, I'm Anja Wookey-Huffman


I am a lifelong Montanan, born and raised in Bozeman. I graduated from Montana State University in May 2021 with Sociology and Political Science degrees. Growing up in Bozeman, the child of divorced parents who worked paycheck-to-paycheck, I learned the value of hard work. My family always showed me the value of love, family, and hope. I learned I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it.
Since high school, I have been working in restaurants to fund my way through college and now to make sure the bills are paid. My true passion is to have a meaningful positive impact on my community.


In the spring of 2020, Progressive Pipeline trained me in political organizing. I was deployed as an organizer with the Montana Democrats Coordinated Campaign before serving as a Campus Lead through the election. I dove into the world of politics by connecting with members of our community and understanding their stake in the race and the power of a community coming together to pursue a shared vision. I did and still do welcome the opportunity of community organizing as a chance to learn. Taking the time to connect with others, hear their stories, and understand why they are involved kept me going in the cutthroat demanding atmosphere of a political campaign.

In 2021, I worked as a legislative intern through MontPIRG, working closely with Representative Katie Sullivan (HD 89) on legislation to strengthen privacy protections for Montanans. Engaging in the legislative process reminded me of how important it is to find common ground so that our visions and values can translate into concrete policies that govern Montana. 

My main goal in working with the central committee was to find ways to continue expanding the organization as a community organization.

Specifically, in 2022, I organized volunteers to expand voter registration activities, revitalize the presence of young Democrats on campus, and assist in executing a relational canvassing program. During the 2023 legislative session, I directed our Gallatin County legislative action plan by sending messages to community volunteers to organize informed testimony on bills that directly related to concerns expressed throughout the county. 

Additionally, I have been navigating the diverse range of opinions and experiences in Montana politics by serving on the Montana Democratic Party executive board. I strive to help lead the party to make decisions focused on the voters and grassroots networks that strengthen the party. I currently serve as the party's Secretary. I serve on the state party's finance and rules committees and have reestablished the outreach committee.


Let's Build A Liveable Future

When we can help each other, we are all better for it.
Some days, it is hard to imagine a future beyond my generation, let alone feel like resources are available to put down roots and stay in the community I call home. This community has grown so much, even just in my lifetime. Now, we are at a point where it is hard to deny that so many people in our community are fighting to survive. Whether they are living paycheck to paycheck, losing access to affordable healthcare, being priced out of their home, or simply lacking respect- the list could go on and on. Life does not have to be this hard.
Once we unite around shared experiences and values, we can make a government an institution that provides stability for our communities. That hope is why I have stayed engaged and am now running for the legislature. 
I am tired of watching legislators make laws without listening and interacting with the public. Montana has a relatively transparent and accessible legislative process that was designed to allow the public to engage. But legislators still need to listen to the public. Simply being a voter, following what's happening, and trying to activate my network is not enough anymore. I am running for the state legislature to be a lawmaker who votes with integrity to promote community and sustainability.

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