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Affordability of Living

I am a renter from a family of renters. I understand how much the rental landscape has changed. 

The cost of living is unaffordable for many in our community. Housing prices rose fast, and then, in 2023, homeowners in our community saw their property taxes increase by a median of 21%. That is not affordable!

I will fight in the legislature to make sure that renters and homeowners alike can afford to call this community their home.

Sustainable Development

Our community is growing! Our local government needs to have the power and authority to make the appropriate decisions to make sure that our current and future populations are properly supported.


We need to be able to cultivate the adequate infrastructure and responsibly manage our natural resources to promote not just livability but future prosperity for our community. Our growth should not threaten our constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment.

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

During the 2025 session the Montana legislature will be voting to renew Medicaid Expansion. Not only should we renew Medicaid expansion, but we should also remove the sunset from Medicaid expansion. It is a program that has proven to bolster local economies, support healthcare providers, and keep Montanans healthier than they would be without it. Additionally, our state needs to ensure that Medicaid adequately reimburses providers for the services provided so that providers can stay open.

Quality Public Education

Public education is under attack. Charter and private schools now receive funding meant for public schools. I am who I am because I attended Bozeman public schools. The quality of schooling I received should be available to all kids now and in the future.

Privacy in Healthcare & The Right to Choose

 Limiting freedom for individuals to privately make the choices about what is appropriate for their bodies reduces access to safe care and unnecessarily increase risks and challenges associated with receiving the care. 

I will fight to make sure that Montanans continue to have the right to privacy when making reproductive healthcare decisions. To make sure that people have access to safe birth control and the option to seek an abortion if they choose.

Accessible Government

Government can positively impact our lives, but elected officials must listen to their constituents. I have spent the last two legislative sessions working to mobilize volunteer networks and make the legislative process accessible. As a legislator I will advocate for the residents of House District 65, striving to make sure our state is serving your interests.

What matters to you?

 I want to hear what is important to you and what you think our state needs to work on to make this community more liveable.


If there is something important to you not mentioned above, I want to hear about it!

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